Have you been thinking about joining a group that Makes a Difference in other people’s lives? Becoming a Volunteer at Helpful Hands and Hearts is a “hands-on” way to do something that truly Makes a Difference for someone in need living near you. Every time you help, you are helping a specific person facing their unique challenge(s). Sometimes heartwarming. Sometimes heartbreaking. But you always come away knowing that your time well spent.

You can volunteer to help out on our Ramp Team, our Transportation Team, or even both. Members of each Team are regularly advised of the upcoming dates and times for which there is a specific transportation need or planned ramp build. Our volunteers have busy lives and aren’t always available to help out each and every time there is a need. Volunteers offer their time only when it is comfortable and convenient for them to do so.

We intentionally strive to have more volunteers than the minimum, precisely because people have busy lives. Just because you join a Team and indicate that you are available on a specific date and time, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll actually be asked to help out on that particular day. But don’t despair, everyone willing gets their turn.

Contact us to become a Volunteer or learn more. You can also Contact us to just talk about other ways in which you might want to help. For example: website maintenance, funding, assessments, record-keeping, etc.