Elderly man helping elderly lady out of her carOur service footprint is the 3 North Carolina and the 2 Virginia Counties that surround Lake Gaston. To qualify for our help, you must live in either Halifax, Northampton, or Warren County in North Carolina or Brunswick or Mecklenburg County. in Virginia. Most of our funding is constrained to seniors age 60 or older.

For Ramps, you must have a recognizable disability, illness, or condition for which you actually need a ramp. Helpful Hands and Hearts will need to conduct an in-person assessment of your specific situation before committing to help you. If we cannot help you, we will do our best to refer you to other agencies who might.

For Transportation needs, we are unable to help you if you are wheelchair-bound. Unfortunately, at this time, we are simply unable to deal with the extra logistics involved with wheelchairs. Our volunteers use their own personal vehicles, none of which are outfitted with lifts. Our volunteers are neither trained nor often physically strong enough to manage transfers without putting both you and themselves at risk.

If you believe Helpful Hands and Hearts can possibly help you, please Contact us. to become a Volunteer or learn more. You can also Contact us to just talk about other ways in which you might want to help. For example: website maintenance, funding, assessments, record-keeping, etc.