HHH Transportation team helping elderly lady exit vehicleIf you're fortunate, all that you may need to stay active is a ramp that helps you get to and from your vehicle or the vehicle of someone who is close to you. But what if, for whatever reason, you are unable to drive or get someone to drive for you? What if you are going through specific medical treatments and are advised that you need someone to drive you back home? Helpful Hands and Hearts offers transportation to doctors, dentists, and other medical appointments. Our Transportation Team also provides general transportation outings to grocery, shopping, hair appointment, and other basic service needs.

Transportation began just as slowly as ramp building. This was more problematic because it was difficult to get the “word out” that this service was available. Once a small group of “Friends” started using the service the word spread quickly and now over 60,000 miles of free transportation have been provided by our volunteers

Our Director of Transportation is in charge of scheduling, communicating, and overseeing our Transportation Team. Members of the Transportation Team are regularly advised of upcoming dates, times, and locations for specific appointment needs. Friends are advised of preferred dates and times on which to make appointments. Our Transportation Team volunteers often have specific days, times, and routes that work best for them. As friendships develop, both Friends and Transportation Team volunteers sometimes make requests for each other. Out of all this, somehow, almost magically a schedule emerges for everyone.

Each trip has a different story, both that of the Friend who is being helped and the Transportation Team volunteer driver. Take a moment to visit our Transportation page to see some of their stories and learn more about how the program works.

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