The 9-member, volunteer Board of Helpful Hands and Hearts is currently composed of the following individuals.

Name Position
Chuck Youse President - Exec. Director
Richard (Dick) Mergehenn Vice Pres. - Asst. Exec. Director / Director - Assessments + Personnel
Melanie Watkins Director - Treasurer
James (Jay) Eubanks Director - Asst. Treasurer
Heather Waugh Director-Secretary / Office Manager
Beverly Noland Director - Grants / Funds
Greg Steel Director - Ramps
Kathy Casey Director - Transportation
Phil Weigel Director - Communications

The Board Secretary, Heather Waugh, also works part-time for Helpful Hands and Hearts as our Office Manager. Heather is our only paid employee. Generous funding from Vidant makes this possible and has allowed Helpful Hands and Hearts to provide an increased level of service operations beginning in 2018-2019.